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Friday, March 26, 2010

MUA done!

remember my prev post, said about ke-dilemaan ku, kini sudah berakhir.

i did some survey, and i end up picking her as my MUA. my criteria is simple, that person must be 'xxx' and has a good portfolio of her wedding make over. i hope she can turn me into gorgeous look. please dont break my heart...

why this early? i texted her yesterday,
"dah ada orang book akak untuk thn depan?"..
"yes, 5 feb..."

oh.i definately terkedu. memang dekat-dekat dengan my wedding date.ohh..ape lagi, balik kerja terus masukkan deposit. hehehe...

she will be doing my nikah, reception and his bertandang(yet to confim). and i'm a bit glad knowing that i can cross MUA from my list.

have i done enough of survey?
i think so. hiks, at least i did some. walaupun banyak yang i tak go direct to the person, but throughout sharing & caring by other bloggers, it helped me a lot.THANX!..hehe..and of course, im a person who always tie to budget. and i can compromise on almost everything, but not my budget.. salahkan budget ku yang ciput, dan kemalasan diri menabung dari awal..huhu...

should i rebranding my blog and name it as "si bajet bride" hahahah

kenapa semua ambil dia?
back to basic. budget girllsssss.... 3 sessions altogether dapat murah sikit! hehe

sedikit sebanyak

i have started doing survey since june last year. when huda is planning her wedding, and ayu is deciding to get married, there come my part to busy body around. hehe. i sent her email, she quoted me the price. so ever since that, i keep my eyes close to her works, and so far nampak semua ok. hope she will be doing well & with full heart during my time later.

some of u might know who is 'she' already by looking at these photos rite? hehehe.. ;)

and nahwal, good knowing that u have pick one for u as well. . semoge smuenye lancar okeh. ;)


Tem said...

hopefully ur makeup will be great on that days..hehe.ask her to make u look more natural ok :)

hana yoriee said...

i think i know who is she..hehe..probably wud be the same 'she' as mine.. =)
durruz, can u email me coz i have some doubts on her works actually..plz give me ur comments..huhu..

Durruz said...

tem, bayek bosh! :*

email sent. hehehe..reply tau! hakhak

Nurulhuda|Adlie said...

beramai2 setel mua, high five!

NahWaL said...

eh. ada nama i. hahaha. teharu kejap.

yeayy dah leh cross. cross cepat cross

Durruz said...

5ive!! semoga kite smue sesame ok. yehoo!

haha. ;)