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Hyee korang,

Thanx for reading my blog. From now onwards, all the post akan di schedule and di-auto publish kan bagi mengelakkan keciciran info.

Kalau ada comment yang tak berbalas, akan dibalas bila im back online.

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Thanx again.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


feeling nerves bila nak post ni.

frens yang dihormati. i've been working on this for quite sometimes. mencari idea and layout

and finally i've decided. to launch this. *maaf tiada jamuan makan-makan*. launch here means, mendedahkah kewujudan blog ini to public.

im one of photography fans. i'm loving it too much, too much than i can endure.

walaupun i just got 1 post shared there, but nvm. will soon update it.

feel free to visit it,

1 comment:

fikaryna said...

skang x sempat g..nanti mesti nak jenguk..congrats..