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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Something for him..

finally, my hantaran list for him is 100% complete!

i let him to choose either one; iphone,blackberry or samsung galaxy. we did some survey, looks like we r both drooling over samsung galaxy S, and he made the decision to have one.

due to no stock available, they put us in their queue list. i was hoping(praying) that we can get it BEFORE the wedding. and alhamdulillah, i just went to one of the service centre and manage to get a brand new samsung galaxy S.

i was so drooled over the great taste of Ayah's samsung galaxy tab before hand. and i cant say no to MF decision this, its with me. and my itchy hand so wanna use it. hehehe... tapi tak boleh girls, its present for him.

i hope he loves this. =)

tetiba rasa macam nak satu jugak kan. hehe. but then...forget about it!

Samsung Galaxy S, the specs and features

  • ARM Cortex A8 1GHz Processor
  • Android OS 2.1 (Eclair)
  • 4-inch, 16M colors, Super AMOLED touchscreen display (480×800)
  • 64.2 x 122.4 x 9.9 mm (119 gram)
  • 5MP autofocus front camera
  • Secondary VGA camera
  • 16GB internal memory, 512MB RAM
  • microSD memory card slot support up to 32GB
  • 1,500mAh Li-Ion removable battery with up to 13 hours talk time (2G)
  • Act as remote control for Samsung TV set
  • Swype text input allows texting without lifting your finger
the phone is indeed very bright and clear with super AMOLED touchscreen, and very light too! rasa macam bawak kertas. hehe..

sori, kejakunan terserlah sebab aku pengguna nokia tegar..

another 18days before its fully yours MF!

p/s: yes, i agree with the quote i heard many times before, erti hidup adalah pada memberi.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Teaser Designer

one of his sketch for me =)


tajuk nak paling tempting! haha.

this round, im not going to up any teaser for my baju nikah. 20days left to go. nanti aku up cukuplah sekadar dengan teaser hasil designer yang aku pilih.

and bakal korang pilih.

kan? teeheehee!

aku suka sangat design baju Gee, cantikkan! with all the beadings and gold color. cunsss!

who is he?


tunggu next post ;)


Thursday, January 27, 2011

Kad Jemputan..

aku masih berhutang entry kad jemputan kahwin (di blog lama)

huhu. tiba-tiba rasa sedih bila ingat blog lama. haihhh...apa bole buat. dah bukan rezeki aku...

kad kahwin aku tak survey sangat. rata-rata yang aku berkenan charge rm1-rm2 with a very common design. i want something different. akhirnya terjumpa review vendor kad kahwin dari blog hazlynda few months back

it was so tempting offer, where you can get
500 cards+ 1000pcs tq tag + 1 bunting
with price of rm400.


so we met Kak Durra at Old town bangi, nak dipendekkan cerita, the card under that package was too small. aku rasa comel sangat. and we upgrade it to bigger size..

our card is back to back card.. purple-pink is mine, and yellow-gold is his. the design was custom made for us, due to my request. i want something sweet simple, and can be Moroccan and traditional to fit both side theme. but background must be white. too much colors printed is so not me! :p .. so here it is. a part from that, i request to have one small box at the top - ada nama kami and tarikh inside the small box. i love the final output so much. and she is totally recommended. !!

in fact i was praised with the very nice packaging from some of my office mates. aku juga suka, sampul bunga tu..

im going to poss my card by end of this week. hoorayyyy!!!

details on my card, read it at her blog

Monday, January 24, 2011


Im thinking of shutting down this blog....and move myself to a place where my identity remain unknown...goodbye!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

37 hari sebelum

im so stress. i need an assistant. huhu.

picisanchenta is hiring.

pfttt. =)

p/s:dear readers yg tinggal komen. i really appreciate it.. thank you so much. i tak sempat reply, coz im too busy for everything. huhu

Monday, January 10, 2011

Senarai Vendor Yasin

Hye korang. sebelum aku terlupa, dan mengabaikan perkara ni, its better for me to share it here.

through out my survey for 1 year,i found several vendors yang ada provide servis tempahan personalized yasin. price vary from one to the other. back to your budget and own preference ok.. =)

Al Falah Publication.
- If im not mistaken price rm3.00 for pocket yasin. and minimum order is 200-300pcs. boleh call Hj Abdullah to order: 019-2155616. Buku yasin consist of almathurat, kumpulan doa-doa, and surah yasin.
-vendor dari terengganu. min order 100pcs, harga rm2.50 satu. size kecil molek, btol2 muat masuk poket. inside ada surah yasin.
- vendor dari putrajaya.
min order 100pcs, harga rm2.50 satu. servis very2 fast. cepat reply. cepat deliver product.

darul nukman, wisma yakin
-price range rm4.50 kalau tak silap. bigger size, in white color. and nampak esklusif.
and another one, famous among blogger. price range rm4.50 kalau tak silap. i dah lama tanya and dah lupa...huhu.. yang ni cantik, siap ada sarung for the yasin. go for it if you can extend your budget.

p/s: gambar adalah from

happy preparing all!

status doorgift

i was away....

due to my lappy, jatuh sakit. and currently dirawat dikilang. im using h2b brand new laptop as temporary. metacehs, kita pinjam kejap ye.. tuk update blog. hohoho. hopefully the sickness is covered by insurance-motherboard rosak. bukan lcd rosak, which will cost me another rm400 to fix it.

sumpah aku angkut balik aje. no more repair. enuff headache with u. malas dah aku nak layan!

"eh, bila youuu nak kahwin...." one of my officemate tanya, aku rasa dia saja-saja usik shj.

siapa tau, aku jawab "bulan depan.....!!"

HAHA. pantas masa berlalu.

lotssss of things happened since my last update. i will try to do it slowly, post by post.

and paling penting. I LOVE MY BAJU NIKAH! tak sia-sia aku meroyan dulu, coz i get one...much much better. *atleast to my eyes, sebab aku pun yang bayarkan... :P *

far away better.

he is totally recommended!

update pasal doorgift:

hampir setiap hari aku mengusahakan benda ni. bagai tak bergerak. haha. sebab banyak sangat dan banyak steps. hehe

doorgift majlis nikah:
1. yasin dah selamat sampai last week.
2. petang tadi dah beli mini bunjut untuk isi tasbih, and small paper bag.
3. tasbih dah selamat diisi dalam small bunjut sambil tengok AJL*yawn*
4. pending: air wangi utk kasi bau pengantin and tqtag...

doorgift majlis sanding:
1. potong riben: done *metacehs girlfriends yg sgt sweet volunteer tolong
2. tebuk lubang : done *famili yg baikhati tolong.
3. mengecop: done *sampai pitam-pitam ok buat ni, kagum dengan diri sendiri. hehehe... :P
4. ikat riben and tqtag: baru 100pcs. hahaha. sempat ke ni????

ok. itu sahaja buat masa ni!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

pekakan telinga

dihujung preps,jangan dengar sgt komplain n ckp2 org,as if they can do any better......