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Friday, December 31, 2010

Year 2010

its a schedule post readers.

its time to wrap up year 2010 and open new book for 2011. how is it feel?

gementar. and exciting.

yes, thats what i feel at the moment, knowing that im getting married in february 2011 since one year back..hearing the word 2011 can trigger me smile from ear to ear.. knowing how much im expecting you, 2011!..

oh.. sorry, this post was not meant for 2011, but 2010. hahaha!

my wish list for 2010, was none!haha.. i dont practice to have one. i recalled, i got one wish 2009.. or was it 2008? haha... to some people wish lists are their drive to success, but not for me..

my last wishlist, i remember i got few items inside it. funny me.. all were about my dslr, named Mike.. his lenses, tripod, filter.. to name it. alot.. i wanted to hv a complete set of it.. i even bought dry box for Mike to sleep during off day. merata merayau mencari...i dont know. for me the wish list is killing me.. i keep wanting to fulfill it, until i realize its already beyond my capacity. so after that, i dont have one.not anymore. hakhak.

buat apa torture yourself.kan? *as for me lah*

i really hope 2011 is something not about the wishlist whatsoever but me becoming his wife. insyaAllah. untuk kesabaran yang both of us curahkan sepanjang we're together. dari 6tahun lepas sehingga all the wedding preps thingy..2011, i want new sinar!

lets just hope, 2011 is something. and 2010 wasn't nothing!

my 2011 plan:

1. get married.
2. be a good wife.
3. learn new thing about investment. << style="text-decoration: underline;">

this is not my wishlist, if u understand me clearly. haha

Goodbye 2010, welcome you 2011!


SiMply NaD'Honey said...

happy new year durruz...semoga 2011 marks the memoriable year yerk...for us becoming wifey in year 2011 hehehe....:)

Azrine said...

salam singgah...HAPPY 2011!!

R-YuzSha said...

Selamat Tahun Baru Durruz...
Semoga impianmu tercapai..

farahfatihah said...

happy new year babe

~ mizzAmy ~ said...

insya-Allah, apa yg terlist itu akan terlaksa. amin... =)