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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Guideline: Right photographer!

This is call try your best, and try your luck!. who knows, i might be the lucky one. =)

i am left with roughly 10days from the closing date... hurm... sangatlah suntuk bukan?

anyhow, lets just back to the topic. i guess several times i mentioned to you that i need to find someone who can capture the right moments, can capture candid, right colors..yada.yada..well, i found him!!! *big grin*

why him?

lets get back to the track, why personally you choose a photographer...

always keep in mind there are 4 approaches to wedding photography: TRADITIONAL, CREATIVE, ILLUSTRATIVE, and PHOTOJOURNALISM.

traditional: basically macam group portraits of the family,bridal groom,candids, the event itself. from the moment you see the photo, u already knew it. this is wedding photo!
creative: mind ya, it is not easy to be creative. one must have guts to see things differently, and convey it differently...contoh macam, make use of angles.. nak terbaring, tergolek, lantak! janji gambar cun... hehehe.
illustrative: mampu membuatkan gambar tu nampak so realllll.... ada WOW factor tersendiri. penuh dramatis.. kalau tengok boleh meleleh lah air mata...every details captured correctly, u can even feel the moments walaupun hanya tengok pada album..

photojournalism: non-posed photo. gambar semua ditangkap without awareness of this case, ofcourse bride and groom...

my fave among all!

this is somehow a guidance for me to choose my photographer...and i finally found him..he come with complete package with above mentioned criteteria.*big grin*

he is none other, but SHUTTERSPEAK

Click on the link and contact them nooowwwwww! you wont regret a single penny of it! yap!

so, why wait??? BE WISE , choose correctly!

to Suhaimi Ismail and Zaidan Zainuddin, how much i wish u can be my photographer of the day....hehehe~

p/s:i hope what guide me..can guide u as well...take care readers!~


asotoko said...

aku sangat2 setuju dengan pilihan hang!!!! ok aku dah click dah kat link tu!! baca post yg lain2 teruja jugak.. tapi yg ni paling teruja!!! hehehe.

Durruz said...

thanks ina for being supportive..

ajak ramai2 lagi klik link die kena melalui blog aku taw...hakhak.

Anonymous said...

i suka videography dia. ada tanya hari tu tapi dia dah kena booked. Sob sob

love their work!

Durruz said...

zara,videography die pun sesuatu kan...hehehe...=)

farahfatihah said...

cantik2 kan pic dari dorg ni!!! i heart it!!

nizabeba said...

hehe..i like them too..u made a wise decision..hoye..

Durruz said...

farah, me tooo...wif all my heart.ecececeh

i masih mengharap kot2 menang.hehehe...kalau ni baru btul2 wise...hekhek

.:ANN512:. said...


i sooka gak dorang!~ price dia ok tak? kalo u tau price dia,share la with me.hehe

thanks lalink.