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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Karpet bulu kucing

if you are looking for one, maybe u can try this carpet.

double colors shaggy carpet

aku bagi nama dia karpet bulu kucing, because it seriously look like one.. macam sekor kucing tengah terdampar...sangat gebu and comfy, best baring-baring atas ni. hoho..

ok, it supposed to be in store or somewhere, not atas lantai dalam bilik. haha...beli benda ni kononnya for our new home nanti (awalkan aku beli?whatever..) .. at the same time bole pakai hias bilik pengantin..but i just couldnt ignore it, and biarkan die tergulung macam tu, macam tak

so aku bentang..tadaaaa~ dah seminggu! and right after bentang, i texted MF, sy dah pakai tau karpet kite! miahahahah... but promise him to send for cleaning before kahwin nnt.takde la kejam sangat kan nampak..he even pesan, jangan makan tau atas karpet tu..cettt! apa kamu ingin beta makan di dalam bilik??

zoom dekat sikit. i was told that this carpet is handmade, thats y ada 2 color- cream and light choc. kadang-kadang nampak mcm kream, kadang-kadang nampak choc..that is the beauty of handmade item.

size: 80x150cm

talking about house, i received payment letter made by bank to house developer. they CC the letter to me, u shall keep it all the letter CC to you, in the end, its not only a letter, it might be the savior of ur money. =). will blog about this later, in buying a house tips!

lets just jump into the content of the letter, bank made payment for Stage 2(g) , which is refering to drain.. next after drain the road!!!! ;)

its almost done bebeh.. after this we can pass thru our house, or perhaps standing in front the gate...kan MF cayang...

heard that, handover will be done next year febuary or march. please dontt... we need a house to stayyyyy....

mish our house. ececeh...~

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