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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tangkapan Matta Fair

It was all the way fun that day, we woke up early to catch Matta Fair at PWTC,

We reached PWTC around 11.00, and parking sudah hampir full. but we managed to park dalam kawasan PWTC lagi, but so not used to KL parking rate... sampai 8 ringgit kena. Selalu Alamanda rm1.50 aje. huhu..biasalah, orang jarang masuk KL.

ever since we booked our flight ticket for hornymoon, we were expecting and counting for matta fair. pejam celik sudah september.we booked 0 fare ticket during Air Asia promo..we only pay for taxes, tix pergi balik free. tu pun jenuh berebut sampai pukul 6 pagi.lepas tu 1 minggu mengantuk dekat office, tak cukup tidur. overr!.. i dont plan to reveal the place yet, biar kami selamat sampai and balik only then i reveal. tempat biasa-biasa aje, ramai bloggers dah pergi...

by 1.00pm we made decision and decided on what to choose. i almost putus asa, because we did not meet anything near to what we want. bayangkan!! so at last, jumpa jugak dekat Hall 3..and terus serang agent ni, MF dah decided to choose that one. and for me, aku macam..hurm...was-was. kind of. rasa macam takmo, and kitorang terus survey.. and found it..Alhamdulillah..

kenapa aku ragu-ragu dengan first agent. they asked us to pay 50% on the spot, and another 50% right after Raya. tergesa-gesa ni. we are going next year after all. and no budget to pay 100% by this Raya. Gileeeee :p . So we settled with the other one, with deposit paid rm100 only.. which consider relevant and the rest pay nanti.

and MF dear, booked something for our 2D1N pre-hornymoon. Thanks dear!!! i should shop for something hot and spicy by now :p


selepas itu we proceed to KLCC, and to Jalan Tar afterwards.


Rilla said...

Seronoknya pergi Matta Fair. I didnt get the chance, sob

Anonymous said...

wah saya pon g matta fair gak baru2 ney memang best dapatla rembat 3d 2n somewhere for honeymoon bestnyerr!!..;)

Durruz said...

rilla, takpe next mac ade lg.

Jihan,beshkan..dah la de sikit duit.hehe