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Saturday, September 4, 2010

New home

i dont know, i just feel bored over the same striking pink color,

which is for real, it is not really me.

yang kasar, ganas, mulut lepas. haha. *yang betul-betul kenal aje tau ni, if not i will appear as a perfect angle to evrybody*

but trust me, i plan to berubah. tapi i love who i am now,enuff.


so welcome to my new home, i believe some readers who was with me since early 2009 *punyalah lama berblog, tapi tak kahwin2 lagi...* sudah boring with the same layout.gimme 5!!!


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

new home new spirit !!

farhanna said...

hahhhh.. we r same. since 2009, bt still x kwen,asyik postpon ajeee..

Fathiyah said...

layout baru!
nice! =)
keep on blogging

III bDkNaKaL III said...

tp i like yg dulu yg ni pn cantek jgk...nice friend wf u...