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Saturday, August 7, 2010

his ring.

while im away, I'd managed to settle a few more things for my wedding.

h2b's wedding ring is ready to be collected 2weeks ago,

so there we go, to collect his ring and engrave name on it. too bad, my name was wrongly engraved to his, but we are still lucky, because of that we managed to slip my ring for waxing and polish for free.

mula-mula hangin jugakla, sapa tak mara,kena datang balik, sebab the ring have to be sent to factory back. so kena tunggu another one week. theres no rush pun for that, but malas nak pergi dua tiga kali for the same thing. thats why aku terkenal dengan perangai dah berkenan sambar. sebab malas nak peningkan kepala pikir dua tiga kali for the same thing.

As for my ring, ada dotted in yellow color all over the ring. dah tak macam white gold aku tengok.huhu..Even the SA tried basuh a few times pun masih tak hilang, its like it is permanently there. the early plan is us go back to habib, and get them to fix it. ... but lucky they engrave my name salah pada mulanya at his ring, sekarang i denda diorang to fix my ring as well. yang actually tiada kena-mengena dengan diorang pun. hehehe.

so last nite, we went to collect for the fixed items.

we arrived there around 940pm, and SA was willing to wait for us. and everything pun ok. cuma, i need to really2 confirm the wedding ring is mine, thru the certificate no. macam susah gila2 nak tenung solitaire to see over the certificate no. but its a quite good experience, and we're done around 10.40... kecian goldheart lambat tutup kedai because two of us..

overall, kami puas hati dengan Goldheart Mines services. TOTALLY RECOMMENDED!. go grab your ring here, i even get Goldheart box for my ring freeeeeee. haha. i was joking, and asking for the new box. mayb habib's box caused my ring covered with yellow dot.. tiba-tiba dia sungguh-sungguh bagi!. haha, so guys, memang besh kan. the wax + polish to my ring should have cost me one hundred alhamdulillah.its free. baik kan diorang ;)

oh ya, we did asked about palladium ring to the SA, they have stopped producing it due to so many complain from customer. most of them sent back the item to Goldheart to wax. sebab very easy untuk calar. btw, the choice is always yours ;)


kay kamal said...

kire naseb u baik la they did the mistake eh? hehe..

for my h2b..i blikan rhodium w platinum coating. hope it will work well for him

Durruz said...

haah kay, naseb baik diorg buat silap. kuikui.

boleh guna kan tactic ni kalau ada orang buat silap dgn u. but, Chinese memang tak berkira dengan kita kalau diorang yg silap...

i rasa ok, platinum coating. u beli dekat mana kay?