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Saturday, August 14, 2010

6months to go : facial

i know, i should be resting for the whole month, if u refer back to my prev post. hehe. nothing much to update about my wedding preps..

tapi post kali ini, is about facial... since, its 6 months to go, i wish to share mine. so b2b out there, can take benefit on this, hopefully.

im not one kind of person whom always go to facial, for some of my friends, facial is their monthly routine. macam aku, bila ada kelapangan and duit, and i will definately go! but for the 6 months left, i promise myself to make it a habit, every month must go!.. personally i dont suggest you to go, like a month before the big day...yang selama ni tak pernah pergi tu kan, its..its..its damn lot to extract. so pergilah 2-3 times dalam masa 6 bulan. and jangan cari pasal pergi a few days before your wedding. nanti muka bengkak and merah2 siapa mahu jawab?

so for mine, i went to Herbaline for rm88 package. the basic package, inclusive extraction, 2 masks, deep cleansing, and shoulder massage. dont ask me in details, sebab aku pun tak berapa ingat. hehe. but, kalau korang pergi sana they will provide treatment that suit you the best. ;)
i add on neck treatment rm30, ada massage for double chin and they apply mask bawah leher up to dada sikit so bagi putih sikit kulit.

a part from that, they also provide you with 10min fish spa..freee ye kwn2... sangat besh and nyaman. it is trully recommended.

interior design of herbaline pun sangat-sangat menenangkan, i went to several body/face spa before, i can say, herbaline punya interior design sangat menambat hati and menenangkan fikiran. maybe u can open ur option and go for herbaline.

oh ya, they got special promotion now. datang berdua, and u got a chance to do facial up to rm138 tapi with price of rm99 only per pax.


Nora a.k.a Aira said...

thanks for information dear hehe

teringat time tunang haritu, nora wat facial seminggu sebelum tunang.. waaah memg bengkak la tp nasib sempat ok masa e-day huhu. yang bestnya rasa segar je kan :)

bride2wife said...

relaxing pg facial bulan2 puasa ni.. :)
nak pg spa tak elok la pulak nak seksi2 dpn org...hehe

Fathiyah said...

durruz pernah dgr seri aida facial & cosmetics tak? kat area kompleks diamonds tu kedainya. dlu kte slalu buat facial kat situ. best. recommended!