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Sunday, August 2, 2009


it was least expected that i went to floria.

it was not even in my weekend plan, which usually i will plan ahead my weekends life. to be true, it was truly amazing, and i cant take my eyes of you..

so here, some photos, mayb it can help you to create different substances in your wedding. big NO to my wedding due to budget constraint and space as well. but looking at the way they embellish the flowers, giving me an idea for my future house landscape. again, berangan!hehe

So, some more details,
FLORIA exhibition
Presint 2, Putrajaya
until 9th August 2009

there are few more flower-deco as such tapir, tapak sulaiman, harimau,rusa. altho its cute, i just cant relate it to wedding concept

gardening concept maybe?

anyhow, they are so creative and talented.

beautiful roses.

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