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Thursday, November 19, 2009


despite numerous feedbacks from bloggers regarding PP @ PWTC the other day, i as well have my own comments on be true, that was my first time went to PP. for me the floor plan tersangat-sangat sempit. i went to dslr exhibition at mid valley before, we have ample space to move here and there.siap boleh posing-posing tangkap gambar. tapi PP haritu, i was so frustrated sebab nak jalan pon berlanggar with each other. even pasar malam pun not as bad as that. MF said, eh sempitnya... i simply replied,memang macam ni kot. because i have nothing else to compare with.
when i read through Ann's blog , only then i realize memang betul-betul teruk floor plan kali ni.huu~

even with a few disatisfactions with some vendors, i managed to find some attractive product there. g.i photoshoot. if u have experience working with them, kindly share~. among all of the photogs there, this one attract me the most. not due to the price. but more to the quality and skills they have in taking photo.since i'm also doing photography as hobby, consider i'm in the same field with them, and have some knowledge in valuing the quality.but of course the chosen album only will be shown to the public. still need to do some small investigation on this photog.i do participate in wedding photography last time, but it just stopped. ;)

some tips that you can apply, look at the sharpness, colors,bokeh, and motive of the photo. because i believe, a photo must have a special motive behind it, only then it can convey correct message to the viewers.kalau boleh, try to look for someone around you yang biasa tangkap gambar. they usually know what is wrong with the photo and boleh bagi opinion to take or not to take the photog. of course theres nothing perfect, but as much as possible we want to minima imperfection dan biarlah berbaloikan.

for me, too much editing will spoil the photo itself. dah tak nampak hidup and natural.but that's totally depends on you.suka yang bagaimana~

ohh, im nothing, but to share my opinion in, im learning as well. heehee~.

happy hunting photographer~!

p/s: dan saya benar-benar jatuh hati dengan jahitan baju Omar Ali.hehehe~ kemas dan terletak!!


.:ANN512:. said...

yes!~ true indeed..PP kali nih ntah hape2 ntah..huhu..

owh..btw,G.I setju!..dorang punye photo cantik..We met them at PP Ampang Point kot kalo x silap..harga dia quote pon ok..tapi kitorg still x finalise lg la nak hire photog mana..huhu

Durruz said...


nanti dah finalise jgn lpe share tauu..hehhee

minah kepoh sy ni.hahaha