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Monday, December 17, 2012


When was my last update?

Hehehe.Seems like i've been totally busy with my life, as a wife, mother, daughter and as a muslim.

I remember when i first created this blog, it was fully dedicated to my wedding. Once i'm married, it was like a forever good bye to the blog.

I've stopped blogging,totally!

I do miss blogging sometimes. There's so many times i wish i could make a come back (retisss ghitu).. but life hv been more than busy..

Girlsssss.... i finally got my own instagram acct!hahaha.

Ni bukan ketinggalan zaman dah ni... ni mati hidup semula org panggil. But i make it private, sebab ade stalker... hahaha. Lurus btol!

Lets be friend on instagram. Do add me! @durruz

Mcm ni eh?

Ok noob sekian.

Do expect food photography there!

Till next post! In sha Allah. May Allah bless us all

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